Do you visit clients homes for appointments?

Depending on the location of the home, condo or apartment, I will only do appointments if the area is not in areas of Pleasant Hill, or other gang affiliated areas.

For Condos and apartments, access codes may be given upon confirmation of booking.

Hotel bookings depend on hotel & location. Email me for inquiries. Hotel concierge must be aware of my arrival as a guest. No exceptions.

Do you have a membership program?

No, but I offer VIP clients time share packages with no commitment obligations. Check Experiences & Gratuity page. Email me directly for serious inquiries on VIP & More.

Do you have accommodations?

I currently have a clean incall available 7 days/nights a week. It is clean, discreet & is in a nice area of the city. There are shower amenities and has a quiet, private atmosphere. WIFI and parking are included.

Do you offer regular massages with your experiences?

Yes. Unless otherwise requested, clients may receive a body massage.

Do you do public events/dates?

Absolutely, refer to Experiences & Gratuity page, or email me for more specific details. Serious Inquiries with deposits only.

Do you do couple experiences?

Absolutely. Gratuity is x 2 per experience. Refer to Experience & Gratuity page.

Do you party?

No, I do not drink any alcohol, or use any illicit drugs. I prefer sober experiences. I am however, 420 friendly but I only use my own, & I do not sell it. I do not accept ANY clients who want to do hard drugs around me, & politely ask that you refrain from doing so in front of me or refrain from asking.  I want you to feel optimal and for you to enjoy the experience with me as much as possible.