Experiences & Gratuity

An Experience for Everybody & Every Body

Welcome to my official & secured website! I consider myself to be a sensual healing Goddess who wants to give pleasure to clients who crave & yearn for it. There is nothing more beautiful than watching people enjoy themselves fully & completely, unleashed. I am a professional sensual mentor for those who are looking for something extra special. I am known to help couples grow stronger together, and help individuals break past their inhibitions by empowering them as a whole in my sessions. Whatever the fantasy, whatever the experience, you & I can explore them together.

Forms of Gratuity Accepted


Credit Card

*Credit Card use is an additional 20.00 per swipe.

* In Call (Hotel/Motel security) Add 80.00 +12 hour notice to book hotel.

Introduction~ Silver Experience

NEW CLIENT? Welcome! Let me make you at ease by getting to know one another first <3. Here’s how…

The Silver Experience is an introduction meeting where we can be ourselves without any pressure & without any obligations. Your time is as important as mine, so each moment counts when you & I are together. Let me start you with a great conversation to see where things may lead. If you want to further engage, you can enhance our meeting by upgrading with one of the Ad Ons listed below. But no matter what you ultimately decide, you will glad you got to know me.  I will win you over with you my gorgeous smile, toned figure & exceptionally warm personality.

First time clients are not obligated to do an introduction with me, but it is recommended for any clients who have never done this before or, who want to get to know me first.

Introduction ONLY 

30 Minutes 200 (Time ONLY)

60 Minutes 300 (Time ONLY, massage included)

After Introduction~ Gold Experiences

Gold Experiences are common requests that I enjoy with clients, & ones they really enjoy with me. These can be upgraded with any of the Add On features offered at the bottom of this page. You can really customize your experience so many ways.

“Gentleman’s Feast Experience” 60 minutes 300

What better way to enjoy your time than getting a good taste of me? Explore my desired pearl as I show you how grateful I can be. I love being devoured as I release my nectar in heightened pleasure! This is not a full service experience, but my intimate “dining” experience can be an experience we can enjoy together.

*Upgrade 90 minutes Gentleman’s Feast for an additional 80


“Go with the Flow Nuru Experience” 60 minutes 350

Let me guide your senses into a relaxing plateau of pleasure by releasing my energy to you. Starting with a light touch, I gradually perform a sensuous NuRu body slide massage. After I wipe you down, let’s turn the heat up with a full service experience. You will feel rejuvenated and ready to take on the rest of your day.

*Upgrade to 90 minutes Go with the Flow for an additional 100


“Ultimate Girl/MILF Next Door Experience” 60 minutes 400

Let’s get acquainted and bring your girl next door fantasy to life. You want to watch me undress slowly, and take you away to an erotic place where you have never explored. Kiss me, touch me and tell me your desires. I know you’ve been watching me. Unleash your girl next door fantasy with me, and let me be your forbidden secret. This exceptional full service experience is one you won’t forget and be back for again. This is my most popular request!

*Upgrade 90 minutes Girl Next Door for an additional 100


Extraordinary Playtime~ Platinum Experiences

Platinum experiences are not limited to any one idea. I have a plethora of experience in Kink, role playing, as well as various Dominatrix work. Experiences are not gender specific, as I cater to all who are looking for something outside the norm. These experiences can also be special requests (safe requests only) of something that maybe you have fantasized about. Just ask, because you never know.

“Extreme Fantasy Role Playing” Experience  60 minutes 400+

Whatever you desire, there is no strange or unusual. I have broad experience making my clients feel comfortable, reassured and I also take time to guide my clients with a FREE 15 minute pre-appointment phone consultation.

My role playing experiences include teacher/student, doctor/patient, home repair guy/neglected wife, pizza delivery/college girl, priest/nun, choir boy/nun & more. I have 12 years of acting experience for the real role playing feel, & this is a full service experience, & can include the discipline experience too.

*Upgrade Role Playing 90 minutes for an additional 150

#FS #GFE #PSE #RP #DFK #BJ #69

“Discipline/Time Out” Experience  60 minutes 400+

A Dominatrix who will gladly put you over her knee to tell you what a naughty brat you have been. Feel my leather glove glide over your cheeks, taunting you. You will be at the mercy of my lust to punish you fully. This is not a full service experience but it can be upgraded.

Bondage ropes, cuffs, gag, blindfold, time out corner & more. Create your own scenario & make this experience customizable.

*Upgrade Discipline 90 minutes for an additional 100


“Ultimate Prostate” Experience 60 minutes 350+

The healthiest massage a man can receive! Get your prostate healthy & active with a professional prostate massage. Using sterile Nitrile gloves & Sea Kelp based lubricant, gentle circular motions are performed on the base of the prostate allowing stimulation for better prostate health. Add toys for an additional fee (ADD ON’s). This is not a full service experience but can be upgraded to one.

*Upgrade Ultimate Prostate 90 minutes for an additional 100


“Get Me to the Greek” Experience 60 minutes 450+

Want to explore my Greek Island? Say no more. Let’s have some real fun and take this full service experience to the next level. Enjoy my room with a view and hang on while we ride the waves of beauty and pleasure together.

*Upgrade Get Me to the Greek 90 minutes for an additional 100+.


“The More the Merrier” Experience 60 minutes (email for gratuity)

I also like couples and maybe you have a friend who wants to tag team me with you? Let me know what you’re thinking, and let’s see what we can arrange!

Add On Services 

Add On Services are extra services to upgrade your existing booking; so if you have already booked an hour experience, but  that experience did not include something extra you may have wanted, you can add that request onto that experience for extra gratuity. You will be charged extra gratuity for any Add On features you request in addition to the experience you have also requested.

Full Service (MSOG) 150

Ultimate Prostate Experience (light massage, deep penetration)  150

Get Me to the Greek (light massage, deep penetration) 150+ 

NuRu Massage (full body slide) 80

420 Massage (Hemp Oil/CBD infused massage) 60

420 Lube 60

Sensory Massage (blindfolded light massage using various items) 60

Adult Toys 60

BJ 100

DFK 75

ADD ON Policies

Ad Ons are only allowed for the first hour. Gratuity subject to change upon discretion of experience & added time requested.

Add Ons that are not included in experiences can be added prior to booking.

Add Ons are NOT individual services & cannot be purchased as such. This policy does not regard VIP time shares or All Inclusive Getaway Packages, Add Ons are already included in those arrangements.


VIP Packages are for loyal clients who want to explore more with me & who I am willing to put as my priority. Proof of employment MAY be required via website or Linkedin to secure arrangements. Full deposit required within 24 hours of arrangement & is accepted in CAD cash only.

VIP Packages start at 4000+. VIP packages are recommended for serious clients who genuinely want to spend quality time with me on a more regular basis. The time shares can only be used in one hour or, up to three hour segments & do not include any overnight stays.

There are never any obligations to continue being a VIP, but there are no refunds upon any initial commitment. Being a VIP is one way to guarantee you get WHAT you want with me (services I offer), WHENEVER you want it!

How does it Work? Simple, like personal Time Shares!

Upon building trust, respect & discretion, gratuity arrangements can be paid in advance for all inclusive experience(s) that are obtained as time shares (all inclusive is anything you want to do that I offer!)

I keep track of our time, your time spent as well as keeping you informed by emailing you your time share updates as you book.

VIP Time Share

6 Hours 2000

10 Hours 3500

15 Hours 5200 

20 Hours 7000

Sometimes you just want someone by your side for a while…..here is an alternative to spend even more time with me!

Overnight Arrangements/Events/Galas/Getaways (CAD Out Call Only)

Mini Getaway 

8 Hours All Inclusive Mini Overnight (3 hours sleep) 2000

Executive Getaway

24 Hours All Inclusive Overnight (6 hours sleep) 5000

CEO Getaway

48 Hours All Inclusive x 2 Overnight (8 hours sleep per night) 9500

FMTY Arrangements (CAD & INT’L)

Need some company? Fly Me to You can be arranged as I can travel anywhere in the world with my updated passport. Email me for inquiries.

Places I have travelled include Canada, U.S., Mexico, South Africa, & UK.

Your requests are important to me! I look forward to making your fantasy come true!

All Decided? What’s Next?

Go to my booking page and check out my availability.  Email me direct at j.bailey.198269@gmail.com

Tell me about YOU! What is your age, gender, and contact information? All booking require a contact phone number & a set time to call you to confirm at least one hour before any appointment. I require a 12-24 hour notice for all experience bookings. Any cancelations require a minimum of 12 hours notice prior to booking (I am forgiving). No shows will lose booking privileges with me indefinitely, as you had your chance. If you can cancel a doctor appointment, you can cancel with me! I understand things come up, just be respectful as time is precious.

Before Our Experience….

Please be freshly showered upon my outcall, SMOKE-FREE, and freshly shaved. If you are none of these I reserve the right to refuse your requests.

I do not partake in unsafe full service- EVER. I do not video record, nor do allow it. I do not barter for non-monetary items as gratuity. I do not negotiate prices, as my attitude, personality & overall services are well worth it. Consider me as your personal investment, one you will easily appreciate.